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Rich and Mary Lavack began R&L Heating & Cooling in 1977. Both of us are licensed mechanical and building contractors, so we can help you design a new HVAC project as well as upgrade your existing system.

We are proud to feature Comfortmaker and Aprilaire products in our showroom and we also have our own sheet metal shop to serve you better.

Rich also has experience as a mechanical inspector, this insures that our jobs will be done to code and with the necessary permits for the work done. We are proud of our reputation with the local building departments and invite you to call your city to inquire about us.

Another important thing to know is that our mechanical license is for UNLIMITED service. This means we not only install equipment, but can service it as well. Most mechanical contractors have a license only to install or have a limited service license.

This is IMPORTANT! You do not want to purchase equipment from someone who cannot legally service it. You are making an investment in your home. Choose wisely.


Andy is our field supervisor. Andy is also a licensed mechanical contractor with building experience. He will be on your job site to make sure everything runs smoothly and to quickly handle any problems that may occur. Everyone enjoys working with Andy. He has a great sense of humor and is always having fun.

Barb runs our office. Barb will assist you on the phone or in person in our showroom. She is extremely knowledgeable about HVAC equipment and accessories. If we don't have it in our inventory, Barb will be happy to order it for you.

Our installers and service tech's are factory trained and certified to handle freon. Their knowledge in the HVAC field is always growing by attending seminars and classes to learn the latest technical advances.

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21159 Goddard Rd. Taylor, MI 48180

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Monday - Friday 8am-5pm
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21159 Goddard Rd.
Taylor, MI 48180


21159 Goddard Rd. Taylor, MI 48180


Q. We have a lot of snow and our furnace stopped running, what can I do?
A. If your furnace is vented through your basement wall to the outside, check and make sure the pipes are not plugged up with snow.

Q. I see a blue flash when I adjust my thermostat, is that dangerous?
A. Your thermostat uses low voltage wiring and that is normal and not a cause for concern.

Q. Not all of my rooms are getting enough air flow, what should I do?
A. Check to make sure nothing such as furniture or curtains are blocking the vents. Make sure your furnace filter is clean and the dampers to each vent are open. Also shut down any registers in rooms that you do not use or are getting too much air flow. Finally, you may need to adjust your blower speed to a higher setting if it is a multi-speed blower motor.

Q. Should I cover my AC unit in the winter?
A. Air conditioners are made to be outside and do not need to be covered. However, if you wish to cover just the top that is fine. Do not wrap your AC completely as this will trap moisture inside and cause premature rusting. Also it could become an attractive home for critters to nest in and possibly cause damage to your AC by chewing the wires.

Q. What can I do to keep my AC running efficiently?
A. Keep your furnace filter clean, and wash down your outside AC unit to keep grass clippings and other debris cleared. Have your HVAC system professionally maintained to keep it running at peak performance and to save you money on operating costs throughout the year.

Q. My AC quits running and then starts up again and I don’t know why?
A. You may have Interruptible AC service from DTE. Check your meter to see if a red light is on.

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21159 Goddard Rd. Taylor, MI 48180

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In store special

$3 off Replacement Filters or Humidifier Pads

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$10.00 off Service Call

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$15.00 off regular price of humidifier or air cleaner installation

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FREE Aprilaire replacement media with your new Aprilaire air cleaner installed by R&L

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This offer is for web customers only, please mention code "FREE MEDIA" when placing order. This offer may be combined with $15 off Air Cleaner installation.

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21159 Goddard Rd. Taylor, MI 48180

Service: residential & commercial

Call R&L Heating and Cooling for prompt, professional service by factory trained and qualified service technicians. When your home or business suffers a loss of heating or air conditioning performance, you want a company that can not only respond quickly, but is competent and professional.

Our phone is answered
24 hours a day, seven days a week

Our comfort tech's have the knowledge and the equipment to resolve your problem and bring your equipment back on line. R&L Heating and Cooling has been licensed by the State of Michigan in the “unlimited service” category. We are proud that our Company has met this qualification. Our employees regularly attend classes and seminars to keep up on the latest techniques and products to help serve you better.

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21159 Goddard Rd. Taylor, MI 48180


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